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People like deals and specials. They also like getting gift certificates for the people that they love. Salon and spa services are great gifts but they’re not always “affordable” for everyone. That’s why it can also help to offer specials and give people different incentive options. You can link to your specials page or to the section where they can buy gift cards or gift certificates, too. Mostly, though, you’ll want to explain all of the aspects of gifting and discounts that your business offers, including VIP programs and memberships that could come with special perks and savings. 

Again, people want quick and easy information. They could go to your services page and check out the packages available (if you offer them). However, they could also just ask, and you should answer. This is another place you can promote your services, after all, and it’s going to be important for you to take advantage of that at every opportunity that you have. Explain what packages and specials you offer, how people can bundle services, and more. Then, invite people to contact you to discuss booking their perfect package, no matter what they have in mind. Don’t forget to link to the page that explains all of your rates and packages, too. 

This is a common question of a lot of salons and spas. Some are more flexible or casual and may be fine with children coming to appointments. Others may ask people to come alone. In the world we live in today, more spas and salons are likely to suggest coming on your own so that there aren’t people there who don’t need to be there. Not only that, but people will enjoy their experience a lot more if they get to do it without their children tagging along. Whether you completely disallow children or you have limits on who can come to appointments, use this space to explain that and the reasoning behind it. 

If you don’t already offer online reservations, you need to. This is also a place to link to your calendar or booking website and to advise people as to how to schedule their own appointments. There are several different platforms out there that you can use to set up online booking. Today’s customers are busy, and they want the convenience of being able to schedule appointments without having to call someone to book the time slot. Plus, the convenience of online access allows people to choose their dates and make sure they pick the time that works best for them. 

Some salons and spas want people to arrive a little early to check in and make sure they have time to get situated. Others, likely due to COVID, may not want people to arrive until their exact appointment time. Some smaller businesses are still asking people to wait outside and calling them to come in at the appropriate time. In any case, you need to make people aware of your preferences for arrival so that they can show up accordingly. 

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